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EMS Apparel & Firefighter T-Shirts

Saving a life in the grip of extreme circumstances is a mark of courage. For those who perform firefighting duties and emergency medical services, PoliceTees™ salutes you. And for family members of firefighters or EMS workers, we stand by your side in showing gratitude.

Here you'll find a generous selection of firefighter shirts and apparel designed not just for comfort, but as a reminder of support and respect for those who face danger. Also, we're offering paramedic and EMS t-shirts and uniform pants. These items are a measure of pride while also humbly displaying the appreciation we have for invaluable life-saving services. All of the merchandise on this page serves to respect and commemorate firefighters, EMS workers and first responders of all varieties.

PoliceTees™ offers unique items produced exclusively for us and our customers. We deal directly with our manufacturers, thus passing the savings down to you. Take advantage of free shipping on domestic orders totaling over $75.

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